Ben Morisette

I am an alumni of the school, having attended it from first through eighth grade (before the preschool and kindergarten programs were offered).  Along with many fond memories of the school, I have a strong attestation to what the school provides for academic and spiritual growth. My education at the school laid the foundation for the success I had in high school and on to college, where I attended St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.  It is no coincidence that I chose a small, private Catholic college to achieve my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, as it felt like a natural progression from my roots at St. Dominic School.
Today I am a Network Engineer for Xcel Energy.  I happily continue to live in Northfield, but now I do so with a family of my own.  My wife, Danielle, and I have grown our family to 4 children.  Our children are attending the school now as I get to vicariously relive all those fond memories.  I look forward to witnessing their growth as the school helps guide them into being the smart, confident, and caring people of the future.

Position: Xcel Energy- Network Engineer

Staff Category: School Board

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