Lunch Program and Menu

Food Service Program Information for 2023-2024
Menu and Mealtimes:

Students are offered a choice of the three daily entrees which are: main entree, deli sandwich or sun butter and jelly sandwich with cheese stick. All entrees come with whatever vegetables and fruit are being offered that day.

Educational Benefits:

Child Nutrition Services will review applications on a timely basis; however, it may take 7-10 days for an application to be reviewed. A response will be sent to the parents/guardian by email or standard mail. Please save this letter as proof of benefits for other school programs. Benefits from the previous school year will be carried over for 30 days starting on the first day of the next school year. Application may be completed at any time throughout the year; however, any family that has not reapplied within the first 30 days will be changed to full-priced meals until a new application is received to determine meal eligibility. This is important for Meal reimbursement from the state and federal government. Families receiving MFIP, Food Stamps or FDPIR will be directly certified by the State of Minnesota to receive free meals and may not need to complete an application. Payment will be required for any meals purchased prior to the approval of the application as well as any snack milks, second milks, milk with a cold lunch or second entrees.

In 2014, Minnesota was the second state to pass into law that all children who qualify for free or reduced priced meals will receive meals for free. Minnesota continues to lead with these efforts to eliminate childhood hunger and ensure that we provide children the food they need to be successful.
To apply for free and reduced lunch, click a link below.
Free and Reduced Lunch Application–English
Free and Reduced Lunch Application–Spanish

Special Dietary Needs:

Child Nutrition Services may honor dietary restrictions due to allergies or intolerances with the proper documentation from a medical authority on file. The form for allergies and other special dietary needs is available below. For students with a lactose intolerance, a lactose reduced milk product will be provided at no extra charge upon the written request of the parent and/or physician. For students with a dairy allergy that would like another milk option, please complete the Special Dietary Needs form below, or contact the kitchen about getting a letter from your child’s physician. Please contact your School Nurse or the Child Nutrition Director if you have any questions.

Students with Special Dietary Needs
Students with Lactose Intolerance

Student Breakfast (served 7:45-8:05 AM) is FREE!
Student Lunch, a Main Entree/Main Meal, is FREE!
Student SunButter Sandwich with cheese stick is FREE!
Student Deli Sandwich is FREE!
The cost for an Adult Guest Breakfast is $2.50.
The cost for an Adult Guest Lunch is $5.00.
The cost for a Student Snack Milk, Second Milk or Milk with Cold Lunch is $.50.
The cost for a Student Second Entree (students in grades 4-8 only) is $2.00.

Families can add money to their student’s lunch account by sending in cash or personal check to the school office.

Unpaid Lunch Policy:

Please read our Unpaid Lunch Policy

If the student or family account has insufficient funds to pay for  lunch meals, The student will be allowed to eat lunch as long as a reimbursable meal is taken, and their lunch account is not over -$50. If a student’s lunch account balance is at zero dollars they will not be allowed any a la carte items. Families are notified via e-mail when their lunch account hits a balance of $10.00. They can check their student’s meal account balance on TADS Educate or contact the school kitchen at If a child has reached -$50 school personnel will contact the family via phone with a follow up letter letting them know they have 1 week to make the account current and that if the account fails to become in good standing then their child will be denied any lunch services from St. Dominic School.

Refunds: Balances remaining on accounts at the end of the school year will be automatically carried forward when school opens. Positive meal balances at the end of the year for non returning families may be refunded or donated to the Angel Funds account, if no other siblings are attending and a refund is not requested. Refund requests must be made via email or in writing and sent to the Principal or Parish Bookkeeper. A check will be issues in the amount of the refund. No cash refunds will be made.

Wellness Policy: 

Wellness Policy
Healthy Food Ideas

Health Inspections:

Fall 2023 Health Inspection Report

Winter/Spring 2023 Health Inspection Report

Fall 2022 Health Inspection Report

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Spring Breakfsat Menu 23-24

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