Dress Code Policy

ALL students in grades K-5 are expected to follow the dress code guidelines for appropriate dress on a daily basis. Please click here to be directed to our LandsEnd school’s uniform page. We also have periodic sales with Larson Printing throughout the year. Students in grades Preschool/Pre-kindergarten and 6th-8th grade are expected to follow the general guidelines listed below for appropriate dress:

Acceptable Clothing


  • Solid red, white, charcoal grey or navy blue shirts with a collar
  • Solid red, white, charcoal grey or navy blue sweaters
  • T-shirts with St. Dominic School logo
  • Sweatshirts with St. Dominic logo


  • All bottoms must be solid navy, khaki, or denim
  • St. Dominic logo wind pants
  • Shorts may be worn when weather permits and with parent approval
  • Shorts and skirts must touch the child’s fingertips when arms are hanging at his/her sides
  • Bottoms must be worn at the waist.

Unacceptable Clothing


  • Tops shorter than waist length
  • No spaghetti strap tops (straps must be three fingers wide)
  • No mesh and all see-through shirts
  • No shirts with inappropriate sayings or pictures
  • Clothing cannot be torn, have holes, frayed or cut-off


  • No torn, frayed bottoms, cut-off shorts with fringe
  • Bottoms cannot have holes
  • No short shorts or boxers

Mass Days

Must be worn by ALL students: Dress pants, dress shorts, skirts, or dresses. No jeans, sports shorts, or wind pants allowed.

Choice Days

The last day of the school week will be considered a choice day. All students should dress within the guidelines for appropriateness above. Students may choose to wear the “theme of the day” on choice days, however, it is not mandatory. Shorts and Sandals: Shorts and sandals may be worn when weather permits and/or with parent approval.

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