Elementary Spanish

We believe language is acquired through comprehensible input. Languages are not acquired by studying, traditional practice, or by listening and repeating. Languages are acquired as we hear or read messages that we can understand in the language. We choose stories, videos, mini-novels, current events, and relevant content that is compelling to our students, to make it comprehensible, and rich from day one.

In the classroom, we use and recycle high-frequency words and structures, and focus on those most used verbs and words all year long. We will also have a Free Voluntary Reading program. When we talk to the students about their daily lives, their likes and dislikes, and the things that truly matter to them. By doing this the language comes naturally to each student.

The Free Voluntary Reading Program is a program that allows students to read what they want and when they want. It allows students to read books that are either at their current reading level, below or above their reading level, as exposure to the language is the most important concept.


  • “Somos” A Comprehensible-Input Based Curriculum by Martina Bex
  • “Natural Approach to the Year” by Ben Slavic and Tina Hargaden
  • “Look, I Can Talk” by Blaine Ray and Von Ray

Mini Novels We Will Read in Class:

  • Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro
  • Berto y Sus Buenas Ideas
  • Patricia Va a California

Activities and Resources:

  • TPRS- Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling
  • Free Writes
  • Story Listening
  • Brain Breaks
  • Reader’s Theatre
  • Movie Talks
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