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2022-23 St. Dominic Boys C Team Game Schedule

November Time & Location
30 HOME Scrimmage Vs. Northfield Travel C Team


December Time & Location
6 AWAY GAME @Holy Cross 4:30pm
8 AWAY GAME @ St. Wence 4:30pm
12 AWAY GAME @ St. Mary’s 4:30pm


January Time & Location
9 AWAY GAME @ Christian Heritage Academy 4:15pm
10 HOME GAME Vs Holy Cross  4:45pm
17 AWAY GAME @ MSAD 4:30pm
19 HOME GAME Vs. St. Mary’s 4:45pmGAME CANCELED due to weather conditions.
25 AWAY GAME @ Holy Cross 4:30pm
26 HOME GAME Vs St. Wence 4:30pm


February Time & Location
2 HOME GAME Vs Christian Heritage Academy 4:45pm

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