Elementary Art

Art Education

Exploration and skill-building are the basis of our elementary art program. We look at how and why art has been made around the world and throughout history, as well as how art can help us to interpret our observations and experiences.

Our unique art program meets state and national standards while incorporating concepts and themes from art history, religion, literacy, social studies, and STEM. Art terminology and techniques are developed by using conventional and found materials for:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Collage
  • Murals
  • Ceramics

Exhibition of Art

Our students build confidence as artists while creating pieces that are celebrated and shared within the school, as well as in the school-wide Christmas and Spring Fine Arts Festivals at St. Dominic Church. Our Preschool through Grade 8 art program also partners with the community:

Northfield Allina Clinic has an on-going, renewable display of selected student artwork in their waiting area. The clinic has also created space for several collaborative student-created installation pieces (longer/semi-permanent displays) in their lower level. This is a continuing program to beautify the clinic with meaningful, child-created art.

The City of Northfield’s snowplow blades become the “canvas” for painted masterpiece recreations. Each fall, grade 4-8 students collaborate “en plein air” (painting outdoors) to make the moving art museum that graces city streets each winter. Over the years, this partnership has been featured in local radio and print media, social media, a Fox9 news feature report, and The Municipal, a trade magazine for city workers in 12 states.

Northfield YMCA invites St. Dominic School to showcase artwork on their Art Wall one to two times per year. This Exhibition lasts one month and artwork ranges from students in grades Preschool-8th.

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