Elementary Art

Elementary Art

All lessons are about discovery and exploration!

A wide variety of tools and materials are used to be able to build upon skills and to establish subject matter.  Each year students will be able to better understand age appropriate lessons and strengthen student mastery.

An Art Education is about learning about the world around us!  Every culture, since the beginning of time, has created, has built and visually explored their world, and has God given talent and imagination.  In the art room, the elements and principles of design are presented within four disciplines:  art history, aesthetics, art making, and art criticism.  Each discipline is not separate from the others and allows for inquiry based education allowing a well rounded art curriculum.   Students are able to develop their creativity and make concrete connections with art in the world around them.  

Yes in art WE HAVE FUN!  Included with that, we communicate using art vocabulary, ( ex: “the values of a hue, like green allow many different possible combinations of the color green” ) we use our critical thinking skills ( ex: “why do I see Greek columns still used on buildings today?”) Finally, kids can share personal ideas as they express themselves through their own unique God given artistic style ( “Look, I added my pets to my Mexican Amate bark painting.” )

Our Christian faith has a natural connection with the elements and principles of design.  Most lessons ” weave “ (  ex: birds weave nests, spiders weave webs ) this part of the curriculum as Art and God’s Gift of Nature as one!

If you need to contact Mrs. Quick use Mary Quick.

  “You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”  Maya Angelou

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