Middle School Art

Middle School Art

Art lessons naturally incorporate discovery and exploration, like in elementary; but offer a
higher level of knowledge and allow more time for mastery of skills.
Students understand how the many tools and materials are used in class, continue to be
introduced to new experiences and can take more time to create and dedicate what’s needed
to be successful.

Focus is on the students. The art teacher provides along with the class, pertinent topics of
student interests, kids share options with peers, and judgment and reasoning are significant in
collaborating during discussions. Kids are doing their own problem solving!
Art education continues in Middle School to build upon skills acquired in Elementary. Students
are better able to associate when using the elements and principles of design in art making.
Students have deeper conversations and learn more from peer relationships in class as they
connect their world to art history, aesthetics, art making and art criticism.



Assessments for grading:
1. Behavior and work ethic during each art class are evaluated as part of a student’s grade.
2. Self assessments occur while art making, formative assessments are provided by the
teacher’s reflection sheets, and student art portfolios or summative assessments are made
throughout the course of each school year and are the second part of overall semester grades.

The Middle School artists understand that their special artistic gifts are meant to be shared.
Whenever possible their talents are used to make the world a better place!

“We’re called to use our gifts to serve others as faithful stewards of God” Peter 4:10

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