COVID-19 Update from Mrs. Marvin

Good Morning St. Dominic School Families,

This will be a lengthy update, but please read it in its entirety.

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Tim Walz announced the extension of the Shelter-in-place order to 11:59pm on May 3, 2020. The following website clearly states the guidelines and expectations of the order: It gives a list of acceptable reasons to leave our homes and also states that if people are able to perform their work from home, they must do so. We are doing important work by fully cooperating with this order.
There were no new announcements regarding school, but Governor Walz has made more than one statement that leads me to believe there is a good possibility we will finish the school year with distance learning. Thinking about that is difficult, but I keep reminding myself that we all must make sacrifices in order to help our entire community. We will be together again; it is just going to take some time.
After seven days of distance learning under our belts, the St. Dominic staff would like to give a few reminders, recommendations, and comments:
  • THANK YOU for all of your support, understanding, perseverance, and grace.
  • Designating a “learning space” for your child is important and will increase engagement.
  • Morning meetings and other Zoom meetings are considered school time. Please have your child in their learning space for these.
  • Remind your child that while they are in a Zoom meeting with their teacher, it is like being in class… they should be present and take a bathroom break before or after their meeting.
  • Assignments and activities are being reviewed and tracked by teachers. So, yes, there is required work to be completed.
  • School iPads are to be used for school activities and assignments.
  • Please, please, please supervise your child on their device. We understand some kids can (and should) be quite independent, especially once they are set up with a teacher, but during other times, it is imperative that you know what they are doing.
  • Limit their overall time on screens.
  • Children have undeveloped frontal lobes. They need adult support to make good decisions on the devices AND to process all of their emotions during this time.
  • There will be a link for a short survey in the newsletter later today. Please complete one per household.
Although we are all feeling the challenges of this order, we must do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Thank you to all of our community’s healthcare, emergency, and all essential workers! Let us continue to pray for health and safety for all.
Have a very blessed Holy Week and Easter,
Vicki Kalina Marvin
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