COVID-19 Update from Mrs. Marvin and Father Bob

Good Morning St. Dominic Families,

We are just a few hours away from completing our first week of distance learning! Every single one of us deserves a pat on the back for this. Honestly pause and consider all that you have learned in the past week. You are all amazing!

Through all of these changes with how we are teaching and learning, some people have been wondering if there will be any sort of adjustment to tuition. For a few reasons, the direct answer to that is no, we are not planning an adjustment for the final quarter of the school year. However, we definitely want to help families navigate this, as we know some will be greatly impacted financially and others will not.

Three of our goals during this time are to continue to offer our service to families at all grade levels, continue supporting our staff through their service, and maintain the health and future of the school. In order to achieve all of these, we are asking families to continue their tuition payments if at all possible. In circumstances where that is not possible, we want to find a way to assist.

Two ways we can help are by working with our partners like the Aim Higher Foundation and our very own parish. The Aim Higher Foundation has generously created $1000 scholarships for K-8 students where parents have encountered an unexpected hardship. This might be medically related or sudden change in income. This foundation is committed to helping students remain enrolled in Catholic schools through 8th grade. Another opportunity comes to us from our parish through interest free loans. Please see the attached document for more information.

We ask that all families prayerfully consider whether or not there is a financial need and at what level. Please contact me directly for further discussion, so I can make a recommendation to the foundation for a scholarship, work with Fr. Bob Hart on a loan, or brainstorm other ideas to assist.

We are committed to all St. Dominic families and want to provide the support you need to thrive during this difficult time. We continue to pray for your health and well-being and look forward to the day we can gather together again. We miss your children and all of you!


Vicki Kalina Marvin, Principal

Fr. Bob Hart, Pastor

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