April 25, 2020: COVID-19 Update from Mrs. Marvin

Good Morning St. Dominic Families,

I realize that I should have further explained the change in our plan for May 1 and May 4. The governor ordered that public schools use May 1 and May 4 as planning and training days for staff. Because we are a Catholic school, we are not obligated to follow this and allows us freedom to do what we feel best fits our students and staff. We have chosen to use one day for distance learning and one for planning and training. In light of our new specialist schedule and with staff input, it made sense to me to continue that on May 1, rather than making a schedule change again. We will then use May 4 as a planning day and there will be no distance learning that Monday.
Although we have been aligned with the Northfield public district for the most part during this period of distance learning, we have chosen to vary it slightly for these particular days. Please note that the Northfield public school district will not have distance learning on those 2 days, as ordered by the governor. I understand that some of you have students both at St. Dominic and the Northfield public schools, so you may have a mix on Friday. Hopefully the specialist schedule seems manageable for that day, as many kids seem to really enjoy those classes! However, if your family has a conflict with this, please let us know. I am confident we can find a solution together. (For example, the assignments could potentially be done any time over the following days.) If your child will not be in attendance that day, please notify the teacher, so we can record attendance accurately.
I am looking forward to seeing many of you this morning on Zoom at 10am!
Have a great weekend,
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