Faithful Beginnings at St. Dominic School (Preschool and Prekindergarten)

Olivia and Zaria

Faithful Beginnings at St. Dominic School encourages an excitement of learning through new experiences and discoveries.  We create opportunities for social and emotional development by fostering positive interactions with teachers and other children.  Our patient teachers develop cognitive skills through activities that focus on pre-reading and pre-math skills.  Our faith-filled environment gives each child a beginning understanding of God in our lives through prayers, songs and Bible stories.Keira and Colt

To further enhance language development we all engage your child in conversation, sharing stories, ideas, and following directions.  The nurturing staff provide opportunities for physical development through a variety of small and large motor activities.  Finally, we develop an awareness of personal safety and physical well-being by practicing good hygiene, learning safety rules, and self awareness.

conner and david

The curriculum uses themes of study centered on the young child and his or her world.  The readiness skills taught throughout these themes include:

Social and Emotional: Separation from parent, respect, sharing, using words to express feeling and solve conflict

Language Skills: Speaking in complete sentences, colors, name objects, listening, following directions

Reading Readiness: Interest in books and how a book is read, recognizing letters

Number Readiness: Recognizing numerals one to ten, make simple patterns, copy simple geometric shapes

Self-Help skills: Large muscle:  walk a line, hop, catch & throw;  Small muscle:  block building, scissors use, draw, copy, pastebrent and ben

Religious Skills: Awareness of God in our lives, Bible stories, song and prayer

Social Skills: Sharing, listening, patience, respect, responsibility

charlotte and katePrekindergarten

PREKINDERGARTEN readies your child for Kindergarten with the objectives above, PLUS:

  • Encourages growth through exploration and discovery.
  • Emphasizes small motor skills via cutting, drawing, and tracing.
  • Increases community awareness through community connections and field trips.
  • Provides deeper understanding of Faith through monthly mass
  • Develops foundational and behavioral skills for Kindergarten by spending time with our Kindergarteners in the K classroom.
  • Creates an enthusiasm for learning through fun, engaging, interactive activities.
  • Foster the desire to be independent through encouragement, guidance and respect.