Rich in Academics Rooted in Faith



Free events that will rattle your brain!

Come join us for an hour of fun as we explore STEAM projects. In addition, each project will include a Math Challenge, snack and tons of laughter. 

Tuesday: 6/19: Things that go BOOM!

Tuesday, 7/17: Dino-Mania

Tuesday, 8/14: Trucks and Tractors

All events are at 6pm.

CRAFTERNOON in the Park!

{Paint Splatters Encouraged}

Come join us fr an hour of fun as we create ART! In addition, each project will include time to play on the playground, a snack, and tons of laughter. We can’t wait to see you!


Wednesday, 6/27: Painting with Nature

Wednesday, 7/11: Fairy Gardens

Wednesday, 8/8: Yarn Creatures

All events are at 12pm.

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”Catholic schools are known for their excellence.  They combine academic rigor with high standards of personal responsibility and a commitment to service in a safe, nurturing learning environments. Catholic schools provide an extraordinary experience for children: mind, heart and soul.

At Catholic schools, students receive individual attention in a caring community.  For many, this community becomes a second family; their school, a second home.  By investing in the future of our children, we invest in their futures for a lifetime.  We equip them with a full and complete Catholic education, enhanced by the richness of our Catholic faith, beginning in the most formative years of their lives.” -Gail Dorn, President of CSCOE, Catholic Schools Center of Excellence.

“Once you send your children to St. Dominic School, you become part of a larger community of caring, supportive teachers, staff and parents.  We blend traditional Catholic traditions with new innovative technological ideas to provide excellent learning experiences in the classroom.” -Vicki Kalina Marvin, Principal at St. Dominic School.



We believe education fosters growth in all dimensions: spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and emotional. We believe in the importance of:

  • learning the values of the Gospel and encouraging students to use their gifts in service to the Church, the community, and the world;
  • respecting the dignity and differences of each person;
  • lifelong spiritual development learning.

With Jesus Christ as their role model, the students learn and develop respect, self-discipline, compassion, and integrity, which naturally lead to academic success.

Who we are:  We are a private school educating children in Preschool through 8th grade.

Our mission:  The community of St. Dominic Catholic School is committed to guiding students toward educational excellence, spiritual growth and service to God and others.

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