Rich in Academics Rooted in Faith


St. Dominic Garage Sale: June 14-16th: Hours: Thursday: 10am-6pm. Friday: 8am-6pm. Sat 8am-12pm.

All proceeds go toward the 8th grade class mission trip.

(EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: With a $3.00 donation, doors open from 7am-10am)


Free events that will rattle your brain!

Come join us for an hour of fun as we explore STEAM projects. In addition, each project will include a Math Challenge, snack and tons of laughter. 

Tuesday: 6/19: Things that go BOOM!

Tuesday, 7/17: Dino-Mania

Tuesday, 8/14: Trucks and Tractors

All events are at 6pm.

CRAFTERNOON in the Park!

{Paint Splatters Encouraged}

Come join us fr an hour of fun as we create ART! In addition, each project will include time to play on the playground, a snack, and tons of laughter. We can’t wait to see you!


Wednesday, 6/27: Painting with Nature

Wednesday, 7/11: Fairy Gardens

Wednesday, 8/8: Yarn Creatures

All events are at 12pm.

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”Catholic schools are known for their excellence.  They combine academic rigor with high standards of personal responsibility and a commitment to service in a safe, nurturing learning environments. Catholic schools provide an extraordinary experience for children: mind, heart and soul.

At Catholic schools, students receive individual attention in a caring community.  For many, this community becomes a second family; their school, a second home.  By investing in the future of our children, we invest in their futures for a lifetime.  We equip them with a full and complete Catholic education, enhanced by the richness of our Catholic faith, beginning in the most formative years of their lives.” -Gail Dorn, President of CSCOE, Catholic Schools Center of Excellence.

“Once you send your children to St. Dominic School, you become part of a larger community of caring, supportive teachers, staff and parents.  We blend traditional Catholic traditions with new innovative technological ideas to provide excellent learning experiences in the classroom.” -Vicki Kalina Marvin, Principal at St. Dominic School.



We believe education fosters growth in all dimensions: spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and emotional. We believe in the importance of:

  • learning the values of the Gospel and encouraging students to use their gifts in service to the Church, the community, and the world;
  • respecting the dignity and differences of each person;
  • lifelong spiritual development learning.

With Jesus Christ as their role model, the students learn and develop respect, self-discipline, compassion, and integrity, which naturally lead to academic success.

Who we are:  We are a private school educating children in Preschool through 8th grade.

Our mission:  The community of St. Dominic Catholic School is committed to guiding students toward educational excellence, spiritual growth and service to God and others.

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