After School Enrichment Program

S=Science & Strategies
T= Technology
E=Engineering & Eats,
M=Mathematics & Music

Students in grades K-5 are invited to learn about the world around them in a fun and challenging way through our after school STEAM Club. We work to inspire children and build on their natural curiosity by teaching creative, enriching concepts and skills through hands-on learning.

Clubs are offered from 2:35 to 4:30 pm. Each club includes a snack and math enrichment activity. The STEAM club is in four-week intervals throughout the school year.

Fall 2019 Schedule

Please click here for the permission slip.

Forensics: Solving Crime with Science! Mon, Nov 11–Dec 9 (no class 11/25) $46- We’re going to become a team of detectives working together to gather evidence and apply real-life science and technology to solve two mysterious crimes! We will get to learn about optical tools such as magnification, UV lights, and autostereograms (3D images). Each young detective gets to keep own pair of 3D glasses and a real magnifying glass!

Sewing & Crafts: Hooray for Holidays! Tues, Nov 12–Dec 10 (no class 11/26) $52- We will learn to use the school’s new set of sewing machines, do a bit of hand sewing on a mini-stuffy, make a needle art key fob, and a few non-sewing holiday crafts, too! This is a great way for your crafty kiddo to make gifts to share and holiday decorations for your home.

Eats: Creating Christmas Confections! Thurs, Nov 14–Dec 12 (no class 11/28) $52- Won’t it be great to have your little chefs and bakers ready to help out with the holiday treats this year? We’ll make two treats using Oreos in unexpected ways; an edible reindeer; tasty wreaths; colorful cookies, and more! Two recipes will go home each week, hopefully with a few samples, too! All recipes are nut-free. Please list all allergies on the form.

Strategy Games: Stacks of Fun! Fri, Nov 15–Dec 13 (no class 11/29) $46- We’ll try stacking cats, dogs, (miniature) chairs and ladders sky-high! There will be new card games to play, and games to take home. This is a great way to end the week – challenging our minds while developing a great sense of sportsmanship and team spirit with our games.

Contact STEAM Coordinator, Kelly Lynn Stanton-Nutt, for registration information:

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