Stephanie Balvin, 4th Grade Teacher

I am an Alumnus of Northfield High School and of Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. I have a variety of teaching experiences, which began in college, when I studied and taught in Guadalajara, Mexico. I also taught in inner city schools in St. Paul & North Minneapolis. I am the mother to three highly energetic children: Jacob (9th grade), Isabelle (8th grade), and Andrew (6th grade). I enjoy activities with my family, DIY projects (using power tools), watching movies, eating out, any activity that includes some healthy competition (board games, cards, dodge ball, etc.), and playing or coaching all sports!

My teaching philosophy is that students are continuously “discovering the road of academic independence.” It can be a messy, dramatic, emotional, fun, and sometimes frustrating journey. I believe it is my job as the teacher to provide them with positive tools to use along their educational journey. I will challenge them to step out of their comfort zone, explain things at their developmental level, create lessons that reach individual learning styles, and encourage them to become independent, ‘outside of the box’ thinker through observation, prediction to draw conclusions of their own. I consider it a true honor to be a teacher and a positive role model in your child’s life, and I pray the instruction I give this year will last far beyond grade four.

Lastly, I believe in mistakes, forgiveness and second chances; this is where life-change and lasting learning happen. I will challenge and encourage students academically, socially, and spiritually. I will get to know both their strengths as students, as well as their God-given giftedness as Christians – this is what I love most about teaching at St. Dominic School! I rely a lot on open-communication with parents because I believe that if there are at least two adults (hopefully more) invested and working together in a child’s life, then they will surely thrive!

Position: 4th Grade Teacher


Staff Category: School Staff