SALT Leaders

What is SALT?

SALT is our Student Action Leadership Team! As part of the SALT team, students will learn leadership and communication skills and help to build school pride, encourage positive relationships, and participate in school activities. Students can apply to join the SALT program and they are expected to:

  • Be a positive role model for their fellow peers and younger students
  • Have strong conversational skills with adults and students
  • Have a passion to help out our St. Dominic School Community.


Some activities that our SALT leaders help with:

  • Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Represent our school as special guests arrive
  • Represent our school at outside events held by the School and/or Church
  • Serve pizza to families at Faith Formation
  • Help serve coffee and donuts at the Dominic coffee drive-thru

How to Join

  • Complete an application
  • Confirm with parents about the commitment (this may require coming in early before school or staying after school)
  • Complete an interview by the Leadership Team Panel
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