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Your gift matters! By financially supporting St. Dominic School you help us to:

  • Keep tuition fees affordable
  • Provide students with diverse learning opportunities
  • Maintain a skilled and dedicated staff of teachers
  • Support scholarships for those needing financial assistance
  • Nurture students in a Christ-centered learning environment
  • Teach academic excellence, stewardship, and character development
  • Reach our full potential as individuals and as a school community

Your gift matters! Although our church generously supports our school financially, it covers only 21% of our operating costs.  The other 79% is raised through tuition, donations, grants and fundraising.  Operating costs are those things that you don’t see but cost the most–things like teachers’ salaries, heating and lighting, insurance, building maintenance and so much more.

Your gift matters! St. Dominic is the ONLY faith-based school in Northfield.  Our Catholic-Christian education is open to ALL faiths.  Your gift helps ensure that we can continue to provide an education rich in academics AND ROOTED IN FAITH.

Your gift matters! The level of commitment and support from our donors speaks volumes to businesses, foundations, and other individual donors in the community by making a statement that our school is worth investing in.  Your commitment and faithful gifts encourage others to be generous as well. Your gift, when combined with gifts from others, truly makes a difference for our school.

Your gift matters! Any gift, regardless of the size, is important.  The collective giving of many is what makes a difference! You can choose a lump sum annual gift or become a Forever Saint by setting up a monthly recurring gift of a designated amount.


Thank you!