Preschool Program

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The curriculum uses themes of study centered on the young child and his or her world. The readiness skills taught throughout these themes include:

  • Social/Emotional: Separation from parent, respect, sharing, using words to express feeling and solve conflict…
  • Language Skills: Speaking in complete sentences, colors, name objects, listening, following directions, sharing stories…
  • Reading Readiness: Interest in books and how a book is read, recognizing letters…
  • Number Readiness: Recognize numerals one to ten, make a simple patterns, copy simple geometric shapes…
  • Self-Help Skills: Large muscle: walk a line, hop, catch & throw Small muscle: block building, scissors use, draw, copy, paste…
  • Religious Skills: Awareness of God in our lives, Bible stories, sing and prayer…
  • Social Skills: Sharing, listening, patience, respect, responsibility…

Themes Of Learning May Include

  • September: My school, rules, friends, discovering me, apples, Bible stories…
  • October: Autumn, pumpkins, harvesting, Halloween fun and safety, fire prevention occupations…
  • November: Thanksgiving, family, shapes and sizes, numbers, hibernation and migration…
  • December: Advent, Christmas, social skills, seasons, Christmas around the World…
  • January: Snow, animals in winter, dinosaurs, five senses, magnets, nursery rhymes, classic stories…
  • February: St. Valentine, dental health, nutrition, feelings…
  • March: Transportation, pets, float or sink, communication, listening, colors, rainbows, parts of the body, St. Joseph, St. Patrick, music and instrument…
  • April: Holy Week, Palm Sunday, Last Supper, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, spring, farm animals, water animals, traffic safety…
  • May: Zoo animals, reptile, insects, mothers, Mary our Mother, Jesus Ascension into Heaven.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is St. Dominic Preschool’s approach to learning?
St. Dominic Preschool is the only Northfield area Christian-based preschool. We are dedicated to making your child’s introduction to education a positive experience, one that will provide social, emotional, and academic preparation for kindergarten and the grades beyond. St. Dominic School offers a caring, supportive, and faith-filled atmosphere to give your child a great start in school life.

Where will preschool classes be held?
Classes will be held at St. Dominic School in the primary wing (preschool, prekindergarten,  kindergarten and 1st grade), located at 216 Spring Street North in Northfield.

On what days and times will classes be held?
We offer a variety of options for the child age 3-5:
M – F Full 8:00 – 2:30
M/W/F Full Day
T/Th Full Day
T/ Th Half Day; 8:00 – 11:00 or 11:30 – 2:30

Is there a registration fee?
There is a non-refundable registration fee of $100 which is due at the time of registration.

What will class sizes be?
Teacher : student ratios will be a maximum of 1:10.

Do families need to be members of St. Dominic Church to register their child for preschool?
Parishioners and non-parishioners of all faiths are welcome at St. Dominic Preschool.

When is the preschool registration period?
Registrations are accepted year round. Please click HER Class sizes are limited, so we recommend registering now to reserve your child’s place.  Current family members have priority registration, then parishioners, then the general public may register at our Spring Open House.

Does my child need to be independent in the bathroom by the first day of preschool?
Yes. Your child does not need to be independent and toilet-trained by the registration date, but by the first day of school.

What about lunch?
For those preschoolers enrolled in school all day, there is a lunch break from 11-11:30.  Children may bring a lunch from home, or purchase from the hot lunch menu. Children bringing a lunch from home may purchase a carton of milk from the school.

Is there before-school or after-school child care available for preschoolers?
Yes.  Child care, our St. Watch program,  begins at 7:00 am and includes breakfast.  Child care after school is open until 6:00 pm and includes a snack.  There is an additional charge for St. Watch.

Who are the contacts for additional questions or tours?
Kati Reak, Advancement Director,
Jane Bartho, Administrative Assistant at or
Vicki Kalina Marvin, Principal, at
or phone the school at 507-645-8136.

You’ve decided to enroll, now what? Click here to apply at

Click the TADS link to APPLY. A representative from the school will contact you, if you have not already toured, and give you an opportunity to discuss preschool or prekindergarten and make arrangements for a tour.  You will then get an ACCEPTANCE email with a TADS enrollment link to complete your family’s enrollment.  Your child will need a completed HEALTH CARE SUMMARY before the first day of school.

Welcome to St. Dominic School. God is here.