Health Services

Notes from the Nurse

*** Immunizations ***

Please ensure that your child is up-to-date with his or her immunizations. Clicking here will bring you to the MN Department of Health site to determine which vaccines are required to enroll in kindergarten and 7th grade (public or private).

When your child completes these immunizations, please get a copy of their record to us. The clinic does not automatically send this information to schools, you will need to request a copy. For conscience or medical exemptions please specify which vaccinations are exempt, have papers notarized and bring the hard copy to the school.  I am happy to receive those at any point and will then add them into their Health Services file here at St Dominic School. A special note for Middle Schoolers… I can assist in getting their file updated with the Middle School through the end of this school year. After that, it will be pertinent that you either mail the copy of records to NMS Health Office, 2200 Division St. Northfield/ Fax: 507-663-0660, or physically brought in to the Health Office. ***Minnesota State law states that students who are not in compliance by the first day of school, will not be able to attend school.

*** Pre School Screenings***

Has your Pre K child had their childhood screening completed yet? If not, and you live the Northfield School District, screenings are held at Longfellow School and can be scheduled by calling 507-645-1200. To learn more about the program, please check them out and see what they have to offer your family. If you live outside the Northfield School District, please contact your school district for further information.

*** Medication Administration at School ***

No medication can be given at school without a written request from the parent signed and giving complete instructions for its administration. For your convenience we have added the form for you to print out and send with your child to school as needed.


Please feel free to call if you have questions. I am at school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, you may also call Elizabeth Bade, District Nurse at 645-1205. St. Dominic follows the health direction and policies of the Northfield School District.



Trista Shimota, RN

St Dominic School Nurse