St. Dominic Preschool

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Our Preschool encourages an excitement of learning through new experiences and discoveries.  We create opportunities for social and emotional development by fostering positive interactions with teachers and other children.  Our patient teachers develop cognitive skills through activities that focus on pre-reading and pre-math skills.  Our faith-filled environment gives each child a beginning understanding of God in our lives through prayers, songs and Bible stories.

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To further enhance language development we all engage your child in conversation, sharing stories, ideas, and following directions.  The nurturing staff provide opportunities for physical development through a variety of small and large motor activities.  Finally, we develop an awareness of personal safety and physical well-being by practicing good hygiene, learning safety rules, and self awareness.

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The curriculum uses themes of study centered on the young child and his or her world.  The readiness skills taught throughout these themes include:

Social and Emotional: Separation from parent, respect, sharing, using words to express feeling and solve conflict

Language Skills: Speaking in complete sentences, colors, name objects, listening, following directions

Reading Readiness: Interest in books and how a book is read, recognizing letters

Number Readiness: Recognizing numerals one to ten, make simple patterns, copy simple geometric shapes

Self-Help skills: Large muscle:  walk a line, hop, catch & throw;  Small muscle:  block building, scissors use, draw, copy, paste

Religious Skills: Awareness of God in our lives, Bible stories, song and prayer

Social Skills: Sharing, listening, patience, respect, responsibility






April 13:  This week we talked about Baby Animals.  We talked about the names of baby farm animals: goat/kid, duck/duckling, etc.  I grew up on a farm so I was able to share stories about some of my memories.  About how our dog would go round up the cows in the pasture, and they all had a stall that they went in to eat and be milked.  I also told them I drove John Deere tractors for many years.  I had lots of jobs and worked hard on the family farm.



In Religion we found out how Jesus helped the apostles find fish in Peter’s Boat.  I found a short movie to go with the lesson.

For centers we made a horse, practiced writing our name, and worked on opposites.

Mr. Doodle did the letter “V”. He was gone on VACATION!!  He left us a note.  We read a story about Vera Viper’s Valentine.  In the Super Suitcase we made Purple Goop. We will put it out for the children to explore.

Our topic was Poison Prevention. We watched the poison prevention video ”Stop, Ask First.” We also found out about Mr. Yuck and Mr. Good Arm. Mr. Good Arm Helps us to think about what we should do if we see something that looks good and we are not sure what it is. Stop! Ask First!

We followed up the video with Poison prevention in our Super Suitcase. We saw how apple juice is the same color as Murphy’s Soap, a cleaner. Also a Sudafed Tablet which is medicine, is the same color as Tic Tacks. We must always Stop! Ask First! We also talked about many plants that are poison.

Mr. Doodle did the letter “U” and had an umbrella.

 March 30: We talked about the changes that come with spring. Birds returning, Snow melting, rain instead if snow. Leaves starting to form, grass getting green, baby animals being born, the animals waking up that were hibernating, wearing a lighter coat.

Mr. doodle did the letter “T” and had a tall toothbrush. He did not know what to do with it because he does not have teeth. Our story was “When Tilly Turtle Came to Tea.” With the weather getting warmer remember to still wear a lighter jacket. We usually go outside at 10:20 when it is still chilly.

For centers we made a kite, talked about what we would like in a super sandwich, {for our notebook} and did the number 8.

March 9: We talked about Easter coming and read The Story of Easter and watched the video of The Easter Story. We were also able to purchase Special Needs Dolls and the tools that go with them including a wheelchair, walker, walking braces, seeing eye dog, and glasses and hearing aids. I found some very good books to help discuss disabilities. The children were very involved learning about it.

In centers we made a collage egg, traced the number 7, and did a paper for our notebooks about what we would like to put in a sandwich. Mr. Doodle did the letter “R” and brought them all a ring. We read the story “Rosie Rabbit’s Radish.” We found more magnets to discover in the Super Suitcase.

Remember we are having Share Day on Mon. 14th and Tues. 15th, also they can wear green on Wed. and Thurs. In our Super Suitcase we did the Alka Seltzer Experiment.


Feb 8-12:
Color: Pink     Shape: Heart     Word: Caring         Soft/Hard

Valentine Fun Days: Thursday February 11th and Friday February 12th. The children can wear red, white, and pink.

The Children can bring Valentines and /or a candy treat if they want, NO PEANUTS PLEASE. There are 20 children in each class. Please no names on the valentine envelopes. The children will be dropping the valentines in bags and everyone will get a bag of valentines. It would be good practice for those going to Kindergarten to write their names on the back of the valentines. Parents are welcome to come on these days at 2:15 to listen to us sing some fun songs. Then it will be time to take your child home.

Conferences:  We will be having conferences on Feb. 25th and Feb. 29th. Please sigh up for a time to visit. It is a great time to find out fun things your child likes to do.

Topics: Dental Health, Hearts/Love Others, Feathered friends, Healthy Me



Feb 2-6

Ocean Life was out topic this week. We found out about lots of creatures that live in the ocean. We learned about playful Dolphins and all the things they can be trained to do.

At Centers we made Starfish with colored rice and practiced printing our name.

Mr. Doodle did the letter “L” and had a lemon in his purse.

In the Super Suitcase we found lots of different kinds of shells and some special shells too: a Sand Dollar, a Sea Horse, and a Starfish.

The Preschool Classes have been invited to join Miss McGillivray and Mrs. Wagner and the Kindergarten Class to play and get an idea of what happens in Kindergarten. We will also be joining the Kindergarten Class for Morning Meeting.

Check out this website: CSCOE is doing so much to support St. Dominic School.

Next week is Catholic Schools Week. We have many fun activities planned . We will be doing different things each day.

We made fun snowmen and penguins to decorate the hall.

A BIG WELCOME to Lance Tennessen and Ben Mostad . They have both joined our Preschool.

No School Monday Feb. 1st. We have a workshop day.


Jan 25-29

Our topic was Children Around the World. We looked at a fun book each day and read about how children live in other parts of the world. We could see how they dress, where they live, their favorite food, what they like to do at school. I also shared a fun tape recorder story about how Christmas is celebrated in other parts of the world.

In Religion we found out how John baptized Jesus. We watched the filmstrip to go along with it. If your child has been baptized it may be fun for them to see their Baptism Candle and Gown.

Our shape this month is Rectangle. We made a Rectangle Snowman . I will be putting them up in the hallway for a while.

Thank you for all the grocery store containers. The children had a blast playing Grocery Store. It was great cooperative play. Something they could really relate to.

In our Super Suitcase we found people color crayons. We put them next to our skin and picked one that was close to our skin color. We did a paper for our notebook with our skin color eye color and hair color.

Our letter this week was “K”. Mr. Doodle had keys.

I would like to welcome a new student. Lance Tennessen will be joining us on Mondays and Fridays.

Color-Yellow                   Shape-Rectangle       Word: Show Respect

Happy New Year!!!!

Topics:   Penguins

Children Around The World

Life In The Sea


Juice Helpers:      Jan. 18-22, Payton; Jan. 25-29, Lincoln

Mail Days—January21 and 22

Catholic Schools Week: Jan.25th-29th.

Pancake Breakfast: Jan. 24th, after Sunday Masses at the church hall.