Hello!  Happy Earth Day!  We had so much fun working on Earth Day stuff this week.  They had SUCH a great week and they chose and ‘extra gym time’ for their class privilege.   Yay! 

Math: We continue to work on subtraction equations because they are challenging!  We are working on telling stories for them, solving them, writing them, and using the proper language (altogether, in all, total, still, etc.)  We also worked some more on estimating; this is challenging for this group in the fact that they want to be exactly correct and change their answers, but they are doing well in the fact that they are actually good at estimating (weather temperature, amounts of things in a group, etc.)  They finished up their Easter egg math and worked on finding partners through addition.  

Religion: We continued to talk about Easter, and how it is still Easter season.  At Mass Father explained that this it the time Jesus kept reappearing as he said he would, before he goes up to heaven.  In our religion class we are learning that Jesus is ‘the light of the world.’  The 5 and 6 year olds have a hard time wrapping their head around it, but I saw some light bulbs go on today after talking about it for a couple days.  The light of the world because he guides us, he is our model, we want to stay in the light and follow Jesus, act like Jesus would want us to, etc.  We made beautiful ‘stained glass’ art projects to let the light shine through into our classroom and remind us of Jesus.

Literacy: This was our second week working on go, from & here.  We did some more writing this week, and the kids worked on identifying errors in writing pieces, correcting them and writing them properly, and then checking their own work for (capital, spaces and punctuation).  We continued to work on sounding out words by using their blends, and they are really catching on to that (ex. Bl-ack). 

Social Studies: We focused on Earth Day quite a bit this week.  The boys were super eager to learn about it whether we were doing a smartboard activity, game, paper activity, or reading stories about it.  We also learned a lot about how WE as 5 and 6 year olds can help with taking care of our Earth.  We did some Earth Day paintings that are in the hallway- they look great, come and check ‘em out!


-TONIGHT- building brilliant brains!  Come and join us at 6:30!

 -Dakota City field trip: 5/11- all day trip.

 -Heartworks Yoga field trip: 5/15- more details to come.

 -George’s Vineyard: 5/22- more details to come.  We are good to go with drivers- I will contact you with more info. once it gets closer.  We will probably leave school around 10:20 or so that day.  Parents will need to bring their child’s car seat to school that day and leave it here.

 -Miss McGillivray gone: I have not talked to the boys about this yet, but I will be on a family trip for a cousins wedding during the beginning of May.  There will be a substitute teacher on May 4, 5, and 8th.

 -Talent show: Please help your child find their talents if they are wanting to be in the talent show.  It’s always SO great; please let me know if you have any questions.

Kindergarten Newsletter

Hello!  The boys has the BEST WEEK YET I think!  They came back from spring break ready to do their best.  We worked on our K Mass some this week, and we got to end the week with taping Mrs. Marvin to the wall for our CUF Raffle ticket sales.  It was very exciting (I tried to send you guys some pictures but it isn’t work from my phone right now for some reason :/ )

On a different note- I downloaded an app called Epic! and I am super excited to learn more about it- and I think there are some school to home connections too.  Once I figure it all out, I will let you guys know- it’s an app with loads of books.  The boys were super excited about it.

Math: This week the boys worked on making shapes out of shapes, and then being able to ‘transfer’ whatever they made onto a blank sheet.  They did really well with that and some of the things they were making were quite complicated.  We also learned about the ‘Tiny Tumblers,’ which is another way of finding out partners.  We will advance into working on finding missing numbers now.  For example 8= 2+ _____.  We played a brief game on that concept and they were catching on!  
Literacy: Our new HFW words were: one, two, three, four & five.  We did lots of activities and games and movements with them throughout the week, and we will continue to work on them next week.  We also started working on consonant blends.  I could tell they had never learned this concept when we started (which makes sense), and as the week went on they become so much more confident and automatic.  For example for frog, they would sound out fr/og (instead of each letter sound).  Once they got it, they were writing words like crazy and were even shocked with themselves.  We also cointnue to work on our writing skills: a capital at the beginning, spaces and punctuation at the end.
Social Studies: We are finishing up our map stuff- the boys are just so into it.  We finally finished our classroom map and key and I guided them, but they literally did everything themselves and found where things go and did GREAT!  It was a team effort and it turned out well.  
Religion: We pretty much focused on our Mass this week.  Our Mass theme is Friendship, so we talking about our Mass readings and Gospel and broke those down a little bit.  They are super pumped for their Mass next week and have been cooperative and helpful!
-Book in bag: due on Monday!
-Mass: will be on Wednesday, 4/5.  Please join us if you can, and help your children dress their best.  Please work on their reading parts over the weekend and we will practice together next week as well.  Thanks for your support and cooperation!

March 10, 2017

Kindergarten Newsletter

Hello!  It has been a great week.  The boys have done a fantastic job of being active listeners, helping their friends, and following directions in class.  They did earn a class privilege from this week, and they voted on pj day J.  I will talk to Mrs. Marvin and keep you posted on the details.  Also, we were able to have Morning Meeting with prek and preschool this week, as well as have some free choice time together which is always nice.

Math: This week we did some activities with ordinal numbers (first, second, third…)  We also started working on division- but in a kindergarten way.  Such as splitting things into even groups.  Example: If you have 15 marbles and 3 friends, how many would each get- and they would physically divide counters into three groups.  And then it may switch and say, you have 15 marbles but now you are to share them with 4 friends, now how many does each person get?  This is challenged, but when we do it together and physically ‘act’ it out- they can do it.  We also started Volume 2 of our math workbooks and they were seriously pumped!  They were so thrilled and couldn’t want to start working on some of the things.  This class is truly loves learning (I don’t know that I would be excited about getting another 150 pages of math to work on J).  We also hit it hard working on subtraction stories (since this often more challenging than addition).  It has worked really well for them to draw something simple (like circles) and then use that to tell the story, and then write the actual number story.  We took a math assessment this week and they did really well on it.  They are all pretty much right on track.

Literacy: Our new HFW this week were: do, that & are.  Our sounds that we worked on for WTW were: S, H, and /sh/.  We read a story about going on a trip to see the world with a rooster and they got a kick out of it.  We worked on our listening and comprehension in various ways, and the kids got to write about a journey to outer space.

Social Studies: We learned about maps this week.  We learned what maps are, why we have them, and why it’s important to know how to read a map.  The boys were super into this, of course.  Learned that the pictures on the maps are symbols for real things, and the key tells us what they stand for.  We have been doing some activities that will soon hopefully help us create our own maps!

 Religion: We continue to talk about Lent and have been checking in with how things are going with our Lenten promises.  Some kids said they remember theirs, but ‘that it’s really hard!’  We talked about that too- I love their honesty and raw conversations we can have.  We started learning about how ‘Meals Are Good’ this week.  We will continue that into next week.


-K Mass: We will have our next (and last) kindergarten Mass on Wednesday, April 5th.

-Food Drive: As a school, we are giving alms this Lenten Season, and the middle schoolers are leading a food drive for the Northfield community.  So feel free to send some non-perishable items, or some paper products to school!  The class that brings in the most gets an extra recess with the middle schoolers!  Thank you for considering.

 -Spring Field Trip: We have a field trip scheduled for May 11th at the Dakota City Heritage Village in case you are looking into going with us.  It will be all day, and more details to come!