6th Grade

6th Grade Peek at the Week

April 23 – 27  

Reading / Language Arts: We will continue to work in our literature circles. We will also continue to work with grammar, mechanics and continue working with vocabulary. We have also started working on our play. Please make sure that your 6th grader is working on memorizing their lines! May will be here before we know it!!

Math 5: We will finish up Unit 7 this week. We will be learning how to practice using the different types of division, how to distinguish between multiplication and division, statistics and graphing, how to use mathematical processes, and then we will begin to review for the test which will be on Monday, April 23rd.

Social Studies: We have begun working in Chapter 9 where we are learning about the US – Dakota War. The test for this chapter will be on Wednesday, April 18th. We will then begin working on a student led / teaching unit. They will be put into groups and each assigned a chapter that they will be responsible to teach to the class. I have a packet with all of the requirements for this task. Most of this will be worked on in school, but they will also have to do some outside research to make sure that they are prepared to be the “experts” for their chapter. 

Religion: We are moving to talking about Morality. We start with Jesus’ Way of Love. We learn how Jesus calls us to practice the virtues of faith, hope and charity. The April Bible memory verse information is up on Schoology and the assignments are also posted there as well. Please check in with your 6th grader to make sure that they are working on these things!!!

Science: We have begun working on our science fair projects. Your 6th grader should have a packet of information regarding EVERYTHING that I am requiring for this project. Within this packet it is broken down into weeks with things they should be working on each week in order to have this complete by the date we will be presenting these.