6th Grade

6th Grade Peek at the Week

                                October 16 – 27                                          

Reading / Language Arts: We will continue to work in our literature circles. We have also finished our “Fish in a Tree” class novel and we are going to be working on a project with this over the next week or so. We will also continue to work with grammar, mechanics and start working with some vocabulary.

Math 5: We will start working in Unit 3 where we will be working with decimals. We will work on learning what the different place values are, compare decimals to whole numbers, how to add and subtract decimals and how to use place value.

Social Studies: We will be learning about the Native American tribes of the Dakota and Ojibwe. We will be working in small groups to do some research on the different tribes that lived in the United States as well as North and South America.

Religion: We will be learning about how God is faithful to us and what “being faithful” means to a 6th grader. We will talk about how God helps people overcome sinful choices and forgives us when we are sorry for making poor choices. Please make sure that your 6th grader is working on their October bible verse that they need to have memorized by the 31st. There is also a few things that they need to also have done before then…please check in with them. 

Science: We are going to be talking about why people study science. Why is it important, what it means to be scientifically literate, how society affects the work of scientists, and some of the different careers that exist in science.