6th Grade

6th Grade Peek at the Week

April 24th – 28th  

Reading / Language Arts: We will continue to work in our literature circles. We are also working on our fabulous play, “The Wizard of Oz”, as well as continuing to work on those grammar and writing skills. Please check our list of materials that we still need for props for the play! PLEASE WORK ON MEMORIZING YOUR LINES!!!  Also take a look at the props list….we still need LOTS of things to make our play a success!  

Math 5: This week we will be doing a little review and practice for the MCA Tests. We will also begin working in Unit 8, where we will be learning about Algebra, Functions and Graphs.

Social Studies: We are going to be working on our “We are the experts” for Chapters 10-14. The students will be working in groups of 2 to learn the chapter material and present it to the class as the “teacher”. They have certain things that I will be looking for an grading them on, so please check in with your 6th grader to learn more about this awesome project!

Religion: We will be talking about celebrating Holy Week and Easter. We learn that as we enter into the sacred mysteries at the heart of our faith during Holy Week, we learn how Jesus’ resurrection opens the promise of eternal life with him in Heaven.

Science: We are learning about Science, Society and You. We are learning about why people study science, what is scientific literacy, science and society and different careers in science. We are learning about some of the “tools” that we will need to complete our science fair projects! We handed out and went over the science fair handbooks that have all of the information and due dates in them. Please check in with your 6th grader to see what is coming up for this amazing project!

The Play and Family Picnic will be on Thursday, May 25th! Please mark your calendars!!!!!!!!!!