5th Grade (and 7th Grade Social Studies)

5th Grade:

Daily Homework / Assessments:

General News:

  • Quarter 4 Expectations: Let’s get prepared for Middle School! 
I can write legibly so that others can read my work.
I can write in my Planner everyday and use it at home.
I can turn work in on time, on my own.
I can take responsibility when I miss school or turn in late homework.
I can practice positive habits so that I am ready for Middle School.
  • Talent Show Forms are due tomorrow!
  • Grandparent’s Day + Talent Show: this Friday!
  • Ms. Jade presented on Bullying.
    • “Bullying” vs. Mean/Rude/Inappropriate:
      • happens intentionally / is planned
      • happens everyday or almost everyday
      • there is a power imbalance (older/younger, bigger/smaller, or a perceived power imbalance)
    • We must all help eliminate negative behaviors by STANDING UP and doing the right thing, even when it’s hard to do.
  • Yearbooks went home on Friday. If you did not get one, there is a “first come first serve” opportunity for $10! See Mrs. Helgeson.
  • May 1-5: Coins for Kenya service project! Fill your water bottles with coins this week to help build a dam in Kitui, Kenya for clean and accessible water!
  • Mark your calendars for our field trip: Friday, May 26th to the Minnesota State Capitol and History Museum!
  • Kindness Initiative:
    • Watching out for students being empathetic this month.
  • “Early adolescence begins around the age of 11, and this brings along its own challenges.” If you are seeking some answers to why your child’s behaviors are changing, check out this Parent Toolkit with a TON of information and resources on typical 5th grade social-emotional development.
  • Spanish App: Duolingo. If your child would like to practice at home, you can download the App on your phone or tablet. Follow these directions:


5th Grade Math:

Mrs. Beumer’s contact: loribeumer@schoolofstdominic.org

6th Grade Math:

Mrs. Helgeson’s contact: kellihelgeson@schoolofstdominic.org

See Mrs. Helgeson in the morning if you need help.


  • 5th Grade Reading Challenge is underway! See details here.
  • Read AloudThe Winter of Red Snow: The Revolutionary War diary by Abigail Jane Stewart by Kristiana Gregory
  • Essential Question: Why do we write? What special considerations do we need to make for different formats of writing (difference between writing a script vs. a letter vs. an email vs. a poem)
  • Book Club: Check your Reading Calendar and complete your Job!
  • Reading Comprehension: finding main idea and supporting details
  • Grammar: varying sentence structure
  • Writing: 
  • Words Their Way:

Dear Parents,

Please practice sorts with your 5th grader Monday-Thursday nights.

Here is a video of a good overview of the program and sorting words.

Monday: Sort the words (your child should say the words aloud as they sort and explain why the words are sorted in a particular way)

Tuesday: Blind Sort <–Click on video link or read these directions:

Lay down a word from each category as a header and then read the rest of the words aloud, one by one. For each word, your child must indicate where the word goes without looking at the word. Lay the word down and let your child move it under the correct heading. Repeat if your child makes more than one error.)

WednesdayWriting Sort <–Click on video link or read these directions:

As your child picks out words in random order, they will write each word in its categories. Check their work and repeat any words that your child misspells a second or third time.

Thursday: Blind Writing Sort <–Click on video link or read these directions:

As you call out the words in random order, your child will write them in categories. Check their work and repeat any words that your child misspells a second or third time.

Friday: Test

Students will be given 10 random words from their sort to be tested on. If a student receives less than 80% on a test, they will retake the test on the following Monday and must receive at least 80% before moving onto the next sort.

Extra Credit: Word Hunt

Your child will look in a book that he/she is reading for words that have the same sound, pattern, or both. Find at least two for each category.


  • Essential Question: How is the work of a geologist important?
  • Topics: Earth Science
    • The Rock Cycle

Social Studies:

  • The American Revolutionary War
    • Read AloudThe Winter of Red Snow: The Revolutionary War diary by Abigail Jane Stewart by Kristiana Gregory
    • Main events and people of the war


  • Service Project: Living Water Program

  • CREATION: Being stewards of God’s planet
  • Continue to pray for Angie Fink and her family.
  • Meditation
  • Pray in times of struggle and give thanks in times of joy!

7th Grade Social Studies:

  • Field Trip to James J. Hill House: Friday, May 12th, 8-noon
  • WWI Quiz: Tuesday, May 2nd
  • Quarter 4 Topics:
    • Social Studies:
    • 2nd Industrial Revolution and Reforms
    • WWI
    • Great Depression
    • WWII
  • Language Arts:
    • argumentative essay
    • read aloud: Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse

History Day:

  • Anna Scheglowski performed her “Rosie the Riveter: Women Taking a Stand During WWII” at State History Day on Saturday at the University of Minnesota. The amount of time and work she put forth was impressive; we are very proud of her accomplishments! She was asked to perform at the State Fair this summer and she received a Topical Prize for her performance from the Labor Union. Congratulations, Anna!