4th Grade

  • We started our unit on fractions, and they’re grasping the concepts quickly. Some words you might use at home to reinforce fractions would be: “Parts of something”, or “parts of a whole thing”. 
  • Something I’ve been really trying to do in math is have the students take initiative on finding answers to their math questions. I truly want them to “Learn how to learn” and be “problem solvers”. My order of expectations for them if they have a question on the homework are as follows: 1) Look back in the lesson book (the answer is ALWAYS in there), 2) Look up the term in the back glossary, 3) If they’ve done both of those things and they still don’t understand, then they can come ask me. It isn’t that I don’t want to help them, but I really want them to have confidence, strategies and tools far past 4th grade to help themselves when they have questions. I’m more than happy to step in and guide and direct them once they’ve tried. Feel free to use those same steps and words at home. Please let me know if you have any questions about this. 
Other things:
  • We continue to work on our Map Skills
  • We’re reading, Holes, as a class and discussing whole group
  • Parts of Speech will wrap up next week, likely a test on Friday– TBA
  • MUG quiz next week (Mechanics, Usage and Grammar)
  • If your child is interested in joining band next year, they brought home a packet yesterday explaining the Northfield band program.  There is an instrument selection process NEXT Thursday3:30-5:30, more details about that are in the packet
  •  May 1st ABC Countdown begins (WHAT!?!)
  • May 3,8,9  MAP Testing
  • May 5th Grandparents Day and 7th Grade leads Talent Show in the AM
  • May 18-20 St D’s Garage Sale (bring in donations on May 16-17)
  • May 18 Spring Concert 7p
  • May 25 Picnic and Play (1p & 7p)
  • June 6  Last day of school! (WOW!)
This is the LAST week of quarter 3, and the week before Spring Break- CRAZY!
There are several things to mention, I will do my best to keep this short-
  • Be sure to read the Newsletter from the office each week, there are important events, happenings, and dates to mark down
  • The Middle Schoolers are running a Food Drive collection this month, see the attachment for details as to what the food shelf needs collected, but all donations are welcome.
  • The St. Dominic garage sale is coming soon (May 4-6), so while you’re doing some spring cleaning and collecting things to give away, please consider donating them to the sale; all proceeds help support our 8th graders Mission Trip to Texas!
  • Tis the season of sickness! There are a lot of things going around, especially in our classroom. Be aware of strep, stomach flu, influenza.
  • March is I LOVE TO READ MONTH- your child has set a reading goal for themselves to read a certain number of pages.  The minimum goal for each student was 167 pages, but some went far beyond that. Check-in with your child to hear what their goal is, and help them reach that goal.  I’ve challenged them as a class to read 2,500 pages an I will bring in an ice cream sundae celebration!  Their lit circle book pages DO count!
  • For March’s reading month, I’m looking for “Secret Guest Readers” to come in the next couple weeks at various times to read a favorite children’s book to the class- if this is something you’d like to do, reply to this email and I will contact you about a time that works, but ssssshhhhhh it’s a secret, even from your own child!
  • NO SCHOOL for Spring Break March 20-25
  • Teacher workshop day- March 27– NO SCHOOL
In the classroom
  • THURSDAY– Chapter 7 MATH test
  • Lit Circles will wrap up this week- reading and jobs due TOMORROW and Wednesday!
  • WTW- test on Friday, students should complete different word sorts of their choice throughout the week
  • Friday dress up day- GREEN DAY– wear green to celebrate St. Patrick’s day 🍀! If your child doesn’t participate in the dress up theme, they should be wearing uniform.
March 6, 2017
  • Lit. Circles start again!  Students will get new lit circle groups today! They will have reading and a job due Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • WTW- Some students will be moved into different groups today based on their mid-year progress assessment. TEST Friday
  • Math- There will be a math assignment each night this week, your child might finish at school
  • Science- I don’t anticipate any homework, as they should be completing the work at school.
  • Dress Up theme on Friday- Flannel/ Plaid

 Feb 27, 2017

​Just a few things to note:  
  • Next week we will be mixing some students around with WTW, but things are the same for this week.  
  • Math- we continue to work on long division.  I’ve taught the kids: Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Rover (D.M. B.S.R- Divide, Multiply, Bring down, Subtract, Remainders) as a way to help remember the steps for long division.  
  • Conferences continue tomorrow
  • Wed- Ash Wednesday, Mass is at 8:20, led by the 7th graders
  • Friday- Stations of the Cross, led by the 4th graders at 8:20 at the church – please listen and help your child practice their reading parts.