3rd Grade

4-7- 17

Dear Families,

Grandparents Day is Friday, May 5 th ! An invitation will be sent out soon, but I want to give you as much lead-time as possible. We will have an all-school mass at 8:20 that morning (there will be no mass that Wednesday). The third graders will lead the singing from the choir chairs. There will be a slide show made up of pictures submitted by families of grand parents and their grandchildren. This will be followed by cookies in the fellowship hall. Then, still at the church, there will be an all-school talent show. Every student may choose to display one of his or her many talents. The final details will be in the invitation. You can start sending in photos anytime now. They can be sent digitally to me, or we can scan photos that you or you child brings in.

We are finishing up a number of things that we’ve been working on. Your child will be bringing home products from literature circles, a STEM project, the moon journal project, unit tests, etc. You will also receive a short video of your child performing a commercial. Please call with any questions about any of these. We’ve also been spending time reviewing math and reading concepts. We will continue with this next week. In religion, we have been studying about Lent and Reconciliation.

Reminder: Our MCA math test is next Tuesday, April 11, and our MCA reading test is the following Tuesday, April. A few weeks after that, we will begin our MAP testing, also for math and reading. I do not, as yet, know the dates for the MAP testing.

News 2-9-17

Dear Families,

We will continue with MAP testing next Tuesday and Wednesday morning. 

In math we have been working with tables, graphs, line plots and multi-step word problems.

Religion: What I most often do is take a lesson from the “Finding God” teacher’s manual. We have a discussion, and then the students write about the topic.  For example, I combined our Martin Luther King focus with writing about what we can do with our God-given gifts and talents to help others.  When it’s our time to do mass, we focus on that theme for that week.  We will often do this for themes for the other masses, too, and we also revisit themes.  Right now we are working on what it means to be loving.  How do we show it?  Do we have to feel love to be loving toward another person?  What if there’s someone we don’t like, or that we don’t want to be friends with?  How can we be friendly and loving toward that person?  How can we call on Jesus to help us with this?

January 26th, 2017

Next week the third grade will lead a prayer service on Wednesday instead of a mass. This is because Father Denny will be away next week and there will be no priest to take his place. So -no homily or communion. However, this will be a lovely prayer service. The theme will be friendship.

Catholic Schools Week has been eventful, educational and filled with lots of energy! The week highlights and celebrates the strong bonds that connect all of us in the St Dominic community. The students and staff alike had so much fun. The staff VS the 8th graders volleyball game resulted in an 8th grade win. No surprise there!

In math we have been working on representing and organizing data into tables and line plots.

In Words Their Way I have discovered that the students need more than one week to work on the same word patterns. Sometimes it’s longer. For example, last week was a short week; this week we didn’t get to WTW at all, and sometimes it takes that long to work with the patterns. We don’t always get a chance to do WTW every day, either. Pattern recall goes a long way in being able to decode unfamiliar words in print and in spelling words that are to be used in writing. An example of a pattern is when to double a consonant when adding the suffix –ed, or -ing. Being able to memorize the spelling of the words sent home is not enough. They need to be able to recognize the patterns so they can apply them in their daily work. As a reminder, students are expected to do their WTW word work every night.

Please also remember to log at least 20 minutes of reading a day. By the way, I sent home math homework tonight. I don’t usually do that on a weekend, but I really felt that I needed to this time.