2nd Grade

This week in Grade 2 
Be sure to enroll for school year 2018-19.
Religion  We are studying Lent and what we are doing to fast, pray, give alms and change to be a better person.  We will begin to prepare for Mass on March 7.  Each child will have a speaking part. I hope you will be able to attend this special worship time.  Stations of the Cross will be at 8:20 on Friday morning.
Reading  phonics: ou, ow, oi and oy, facts and opinions. er and est, and adjectives. We have two students from St. Olaf College coming to help us during Reading class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Welcome, Kelsey and Twyla.
Math 2 and 3 digit subtraction with and without ungrouping (you may  remember this as borrowing depending on how old you are)  This is new and rather difficult for some but we will continue to practice until we all know how to do it.  We took the Math Map test on Tuesday morning.  Everyone showed growth in Math skills. I am excited to share that information with you at conferences.
Social Studies President papers
Science physical and chemical change
If you haven’t signed up for conferences yet, please, do so as soon as possible.   Music, Art, STEM, Spanish and Phy Ed also have great information to share with you. If your child sees Mrs. Volkmuth or Mr. Bornhauser for Math or Reading, they want to speak to you also.   Be sure to sign up for a conference with them.
Please, make sure your child is dressed for the weather.  
Thanks for all your support during our school year.  I really appreciate it.
Any questions or concerns, contact me janetsletten@schoolofstdominic.org


Janet M. Sletten

Grade 2 Teacher

St. Dominic School