2nd Grade

This week in Grade 2
Thank you so much for your support for the marathon on Friday. It was great to see so many of you walking with us and the monetary support was wonderful.  Families like we have at St. Dominic School are what makes this school a fabulous place to teach and to learn.
Special Guest day is Wednesday.  Come for Mass at 10:00 and invite someone special to your child.  Lunch is mashed potatoes and turkey gravy. Can’t get any better than that.   Mrs. Mary is our cook and she is a fabulous cook.  You will enjoy the lunch.
October Jam is Saturday night.   It is always a fun night. If you haven’t ever come, be sure to make it this year.  It is a fund raiser, but more importantly it is a “fun raiser”.  It is great to get to know the parents of our children’s friends.   My own children went to school at St. Dominic School and the friends I made during those years are still among my closest friends.
This week in Grade 2
Religion  Reconciliation Lesson 2 We Follow Jesus speaks to how we live our lives the way Jesus teaches us.  There is a meeting for all children that will be receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Saturday morning at 9:00 at the church.
Reading/Literacy consonant blends: sp, pl, st and str, character and setting, realistic fiction, synonyms and reading our guided reading novels.
Math Test for Chapter 1 will be on Tuesday.  We will review today.  Chapter 2 begins on Wednesday. It covers measurement and shapes.
Science Collecting and recording data
Social Studies Continue urban, suburban and rural concepts
Spelling words go home today,  Test is on Friday. Please, practice sorting the words with your child.  Look at letter patterns and how they are the same.  Write the words using the letter patterns.
Any questions or concerns, please, ask me.  janetsletten@schoolofstdominic.org
Thank you for all you do for our school and our classroom.


Janet M. Sletten

Grade 2 Teacher

St. Dominic School