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The faculty consists of an administrator, ten full-time teachers, one teacher aides and four part-time teachers who specialize in art, music, physical education, reading, spanish, and technology. Support staff include one full-time administrative assistant, a development director, and one custodian.

Here we are!

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Principal: Vicki Kalina Marvin

Welcome to St. Dominic School! My name is Vicki Kalina Marvin and I am the Principal. I began my time at St. Dominic School as a student, several years later I returned as a teacher, and now I have the opportunity to serve in this challenging and rewarding leadership role. My dedication to Catholic education played out through my college years as I received my B.A. degree from College of St. Benedict and my Master’s degree from St. Mary’s. I obtained my principal licensure from MSU Mankato. This year I will continue to lead efforts to enhance curriculum, meet individual students’ needs, and strengthen and create community relationships.

Advancement Director: Kati Reak 

I grew up in Minneapolis where I attended Sacred Heart.  I am very passionate about Catholic Education as it shaped my strong religious background and work ethic. I attended the University of St Thomas and received a degree in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Communications.  My professional repertoire includes marketing and personal finance where I have fine tuned a strong analytical skill set.  I am a creative individual and I sit on the Gallery Committee at the Northfield Arts Guild.  Some of my hobbies include, painting, drawing, modern quilting, and photography.  I believe that my ability to quickly learn, adapt, grow and invest will make a beneficial impact to the school.  I look forward to working with the staff members and families to further enhance the experience at St Dominic school.

Administrative Assistant: Jane Bartho

I am Administrative Assistant, AKA ‘Secretary!’ I am fortunate to have had 3 children attend St. Dominic School not so very long ago and I am very honored to be a part of the school, too! My history includes a BS degree in Social Work (SCSU) with years of healthcare and managed care experience.  My goal at St. Dominic is to make it a warm, welcoming place.  Please ask me if you have any questions and I will do my best to find an answer.

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Preschool Teacher:  Mary Laban

I am very excited to be the Preschool Teacher at St. Dominic School.  I have 36 years of experience working with children, mostly preschool.  I look forward to meeting your children as well as all of you.  It is my goal to offer the children many opportunities for self-expression and creativity in their play.  They will discover their environment through age appropriate materials and hands on experiences.

   I grew up on a farm near Lonsdale,MN. the 4th of 10 children.  I graduated from Montgomery High School and Rochester Vo Tech with a Child Development Degree. My husband and I live near Webster and have two sons. Matt and his wife Megan live in Texas and are expecting our first grandchild. Mark lives in Lakeville.  Besides my love for children  I enjoy golf, gardening, quilting, and going for walks with our dog Buddy.  I look forward to being  a part of your child’s learning journey.  Thanks for sharing your child with us.

Mary Langan

Preschool Aide:  Mary Langan

I adore children and it seems that just about every job I have ever had has been working with young children in some capacity.  I am also excited about being a part of the first Christian preschool in Northfield.I grew up in Northfield and attended St. Dominic School.  I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree from the College of St. Benedict, earning a teaching license in Elementary and Early Childhood Education.  My teaching experiences include preschools, Head Start, daycare and I have taught 1st and 3rd grades, and substituted.  I have directed the Religious Education program at St. Dominic. My husband, John, and I have 4 children, all of them have attended St. Dominic School. I love music, playing piano and singing in the Joyful Noise contemporary music group at church. Thank you for the gift of your children.  They bless my heart and I am honored to be working with them.


Prekindergarten Teacher: Anna Wagner

I graduated from Northfield High School in 2009.  After high school, I continued my studies at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in English Language Arts.  I am proud to say that I attended St. Dominic School, and grew in faith and I grew personally with God.  I am very excited to be able to help each student grow as a whole child, with a hearts-on, minds-on and hands-on teaching approach.  I look forward to helping each child also grow in their faith in our journey together this year.

Kindergarten: Becky McGillivray

I began teaching at St. Dominic in 2008. I graduated from Northfield High School, and then attended the University of Minnesota Duluth. I graduated with a dual licensure in Early Childhood (birth to third grade) and Special Education. I went on to get my Masters in Differentiated Instruction through Concordia University, St. Paul.

Kindergarten is where my passion is; I love the honesty of this age, watching the social skills and lifelong friendships unfold, and the academic growth from the beginning to the end of the year blows my mind every year. I have had experiences with class sizes ranging from 10-27 students. I know my patience is a crucial skill that I use daily in both academic and social situations.

My perseverance and passion for working with children will comes through in each student. I understand that each student learns differently. I firmly believe in the academics standards of kindergarten, but I am also knowledgeable about the importance of social, life, friendship, and spiritual skills.

I am excited to provide hands on and real life experiences, and also to forward with some technology implementation we have been working on. Here’s to another amazing year!


1st Grade Teacher:  Katy Brandl

I am a graduate of the College of Saint Benedict where I majored in elementary education.  I LOVE being a Bennie and I still try to stay connected with all of my fellow Bennies and Johnnies.  Currently, I am writing thesis for my master’s degree at Bethel University in Special Education, as an Academic Behavioral Strategist.   Leading up to SDS, I taught kindergarten at Divine Mercy Catholic School in Faribault, MN and 1st grade at St. Odilia School in Shoreview, MN.  I helped teach kindergarten at Breck School in Golden Valley, MN for two years.

I love working with primary aged students. They have such a natural curiosity that inspires me. I like to harness that excitement and turn into purposeful and meaningful learning. I really enjoy teaching reading. A student makes tremendous progress in a year. Not only I as a teacher can see it, but students themselves can see how much growth they make. It’s inspiring to watch.

I see my most important contribution to this school is my attitude. I’m a very motivated person who loves to build community. I like to grow as a person everyday and like to set new challenges for myself and others. Learning is fun and I try my best to have students think that too. I help students grow in life.  In my classroom, I don’t just teach the main subjects, but life lessons. I prepare my students for the real world.


2nd Grade: Janet Sletten

I started teaching at St. Dominic School in 1978. I am an alumni of St. Dominic School, as are my children.  I graduated from Mankato State College with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Library Science.  When I was a student at St. Dominic School, I so greatly admired my teachers that I wanted to be a teacher like them.

As an educator at a Catholic school, I believe that we not only have to teach children the academic subjects well, we also need to guide them to live a Christian life.  In second grade, the children receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  I help them to understand the importance of these Sacraments, prayer and worshiping as a community.  I hope that they when they graduate from St. Dominic School they will have deep, life long relationship with God.

I have taught many grades at St. Dominic School and I have enjoyed all of them.   There are so many rewarding times in teaching.  It is a wonderful feeling to watch them learn to read and to love reading.
As I watch my students embrace their faith as young children, my hope is that  they become life long, faith filled Catholics.  St. Dominic School teaches the whole child, their minds, bodies, and  spirit.

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3rd Grade:  Andi Matre

I have lived in Northfield for 22 years, so I think I have finally earned call myself a Northfield-er! Prior to moving to Northfield I lived in St. Paul, where I graduated from Macalester College with a bachelor’s degree in speech and theater and with certification to teach 7-12 speech and theater. I later went back to Macalester to obtain licensure in K-6 education. I then earned a master’s degree in human development from St. Mary’s University, where I later obtained  certification to teach K-12 reading.

I have many interests, a number of which I integrate into my teaching, such as art, environmental education, and theater. Perhaps the biggest contributions I can make to St. Dominic stem from what I can draw on from the breadth and depth of my educational background and from my many years of teaching experience; mainly pre-k through grade 4.

It is with great joy that I join this caring and talented community of people who
are committed to nurturing and inspiring our young learners.


4th Grade: Stephanie Balvin

I am an Alumnus of Northfield High School and of Bethel University in St. Paul, MN.  I have diverse teaching experiences, which began in college when I studied and taught in Guadalajara, Mexico.  I’ve also taught in inner city school in St. Paul and North Minneapolis and I have taught a variety of grades Pre-8th.  I am married to Brenton Balvin and am the mother to 3 highly energetic children.  I enjoy: outings with y family, DIY projects using power drills, watching movies eating out and any activity that includes some healthy competition (board games, cards dodge ball, etc.).

Another passion I have is coaching; I love sports of all kinds and have been participating in them for as long as I can remember. I have earned a coaching certificate from the MSHSL, and I’ve coached a variety of sports including: St. Dominic’s middle school volleyball and basketball, high school girls’ basketball and golf, boys’ baseball and basketball, and youth soccer.
I have been teaching Middle School at St. Dominic School from 2009-2015 and am looking forward to a new challenge at the Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Director.  I am excited for this noe opportunity.

I am the Fourth Grade teacher. I attended the College of St. Benedict where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, and a concentration in Science. I have been teaching Fourth Grade at St. Dominic School since 1996. Fourth Grade is an important year when the students make great academic and social strides. I love watching students at this level become more critical thinkers and independent in their learning. I am just as excited to start my twentieth year here as I was to begin my first. I am delighted to be starting the year with another group of students!

5th Grade Teacher: Kelly Maroney

As a student of the first kindergarten class at St. Dominic School in 1992, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to complete my K-8 experience within this wonderful community. After my 8th grade graduation, I attended Northfield High School and went on to obtain my teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.  I taught English in the Czech Republic to students ages three – adult. I enjoy being active (especially outdoors), reading, and going out for coffee with friends. Working with children is a blessing to me.

Lori b

Middle School Teacher:  Lori Beumer

I started teaching here at St. Dominic School in 2001. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota Mankato, with a Coaching Certification, and a Health / Physical Education Concentration. I also have my Masters Degree from the University of St. Thomas in Curriculum and Instruction, with a K-12 Reading Certificate.

As most of my former students can tell you, I LOVE to read. It is my passion. I want to share this passion with all of my students. I try to show them that it isn’t as important what you are reading as long as it is reading. My favorite moment is when you can match a reader with a book, and see that look in their eyes of true enjoyment. I am also passionate about math. I love to share this passion with kids who are hesitant or think that math isn’t one of their strengths. Once we start the process of breaking the problems down, they realize that they too can be a successful mathematician!

In my tenure here at St. Dominic School, I have taught 7th and 8th grade, 5th grade and now am moving to 6th grade. I have loved each grade that I have taught and always amazed at how much the students can teach me each year! It is truly an honor to be working in a profession where we get to work so closely with parents to help educate their children. With this partnership, we are able to share in their child’s growth over the course of the school year, both physical and academic. I look forward to the new experiences that I will have with my 6th graders this year and I am really excited to be working with all of these amazing families!

Kelli H

Middle School Teacher:  Kelli Helgeson

 I have always wanted to be a teacher and work with kids. I obtained my bachelors degree in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Iowa and my Masters in Special Education from the University of Phoenix. I have taught a variety of grades and subjects before moving to Northfield in 2013 with my husband and 4 children where we fell in love with St. Dominic’s School and community! I served as a long term substitute at St. Dominic’s as the Phy Ed teacher and then left to be a Special Education teacher at Farmington High School. I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to return to St. Dominic’s as a Middle School teacher. I can’t wait to be involved in educating your children and helping them grow in their faith.

Enrichment Teacher:  Therese Kitzman

I have been truly blessed to teach at what I believe is the best school in Northfield for the past 20 years.

As the Enrichment Teacher these past five years, I have taught students in grades Kindergarten through sixth, who needed extra personal instruction and attention in math and reading. In addition, I provided challenge math courses for students in second through fourth grade.

I’m always academically pushing my students with new learning materials that are exciting and engaging. A great example of that is this year we are using QR codes in reading and math courses.

Not only am I passionate about teaching St. Dominic’s wonderful students, but also providing them with leadership opportunities. That’s why I implemented the Student Action Leadership Team (SALT) that will kick-off this year. This program allows students the opportunity to develop experience as a responsible representative of St. Dominic’s School starting as early as fourth grade.


Art Teacher and Technology Teacher: Kelly lynn Stanton-Nutt

I started teaching at St. Dominic School in 2008 as the Art Specialist. I added the Technology program to my work in 2012. I have also been the Coordinator and a teacher for our after school STEAM Enrichment program since 2010.

I grew up here in Northfield. I attended Bemidji State to earn a BS in Technical Illustration/Graphic Design. I was a designer in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago and New York City. I returned to school to earn a MS in Art & Design Education at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I taught Art for five years in New York City before returning to Northfield with my family. Currently, I am working on my Master’s Certificate in Technology Education at St. Thomas University.

Travel is an important part of my life outside of school, and shapes parts of my curriculum. I often do volunteer work in my travels, embracing common values with the local people I have met along the way. I am fascinated by the many ways history and culture have shaped Art in different parts of the world. It is my hope to inspire my students to be curious about, and accepting of, the world around them. I want to build confidence in them that they can have an impact on the local and global community as creative individuals and as agents for positive change.

Students enjoy the creative environment Art and Technology provides in their school day. My classrooms are safe places gain skills, learn from – and build beyond – our mistakes, make bold statements, and problem solve knowing that there can be more than one right answer. In Art class we use a variety of traditional tools and techniques as well as some unconventional, recycled or repurposed materials. In the technology lab, we are exploring a variety of on-line tools and sites to make our learning more interesting and self-driven.

I look forward to another great year of sharing our students talents as we once again paint the city snow plow blades. As well as sharing our student work at the winter and spring music concerts and the All School Art Show at the Northfield Arts Guild. I am also excited to collaborate with classroom teachers for more cross-over work between my technology classes and the projects in their classrooms.

And, let’s not forget that it is going to be another exciting year of exploring in STEAM Club! It’s never the same thing twice! Each four week course introduces our students to new skills and information. In the past, we have launched rockets, built with everything from legos to wood, cooked and baked, created art from around the world, experimented with science concepts, learned about farming, and so much more…

Music: Melodi Van Roekel

I am excited to be on the St. Dominic teaching staff again. I begin this school year as a returning music teacher, being very blessed with the support students and their families gave to music education, the arts, and to me. I began teaching K-12 music in fall of 1984 in South Dakota, after being married in June on my home farm, in rural Lonsdale. My parents still live on the farm and keep busy gardening, something I also very much enjoy. I graduated from Montgomery-Lonsdale High School in 1979 when we were still the Montgomery Redbirds! My music degree is from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls ’84 and many classes and credits from Hamline and St.Thomas University, St. Paul towards a Masters in Music Education, continue to follow me through 30 years of teaching. My husband Larry, son Johnathan, one golden retriever-Sogan, two gold cats-Josie and Tom, and I live in rural Nerstrand in the home we built 23 years ago.

My teaching philosophy has stayed consistent over the past few years, and it is something I hold close to my heart as I wrote it, and continue to follow:
The music of the children, their voice, their movement, and their ability to let the music take them to another place, another time, is genuinely heartfelt – so pure and simple and beautiful. As I guide and lead children in daily music lessons, I watch and listen and take from them, never forcing. I respect the capabilities of children and believe the experience of making music together enables children to grow and achieve a richer and more fulfilled life.


Physical Education and Health: Nick Bornhauser     

I am excited to be starting my first year of teaching at St. Dominic School.  I graduated from Northfield High School and Concordia College, Moorhead where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical and Health Education.  I also played baseball all four years for the Concordia College and was an Assistant Coach for the baseball team after I graduated from college. I am looking forward to seeing the growth in skills and confidence of every student as they participate in physical education.  I have enjoyed being physically active my entire life and it has shaped me into the person I am today.  I hope to bring that same joy and excitement out in each student.  In my free time, I enjoy working out and spending time with friends and family.  In the summers, you will find me out on the baseball fields playing for the Northfield Knights and also coaching local high school baseball players.  



Volunteer: Sr. Bernelle Taube, SSND

I am a School Sister of Notre Dame, with headquarters in Mankato and Rome. I have a B.A. from Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, and graduate education from Mankato State, Northern State College, Aberdeen South Dakota, University of Dayton Ohio, St. Thomas College, St. Catherine’s, Wisconsin State University, Superior, and Hamline University. My life has been dedicated to Catholic education as a teacher and principal. Now I am happy to be here to volunteer wherever there is a need.

Kitchen Manager: Jeanne Fischer

Kitchen Assistant: Eileen Cooper

I was born and raised near Northfield and attended St. Dominic School from 1st through 8th grades.  Notre Dame nuns taught each grade and back then we didn’t have share-time with the Middle School as now.  I was privileged to reunite with my first grade teacher a couple of years ago.  I was in the fourth grade when the “new” addition of the gym, cafeteria, and lower grade classrooms was completed.  No more having to walk back and forth to the church basement each day for lunch after walking each day to school from morning Mass as well.

I enjoy American history with special interest in U.S. Presidents’ mothers and wives and the influence they’ve had as first mothers and first ladies.

Kitchen Assistant: Elise MelbyElise graduated from STEP (Secondary Transitional Education Program) in June 2016, and she is looking forward to her first job as Kitchen Assistant at St. Dominic’s. She will be working on Thursdays and Fridays, where she will be helping to serve lunches, wash trays, and assist wherever she is needed. Elise enjoys helping in the kitchen at her home and volunteering at her church, and she has experience dishwashing at a school in Faribault as part of her work study program with STEP. Elise is great with children, and she recently competed in Special Olympics gymnastics, track, and basketball. She also participates in Special O bowling and Bocce.  Last year she was also an enthusiastic member of the Laura Baker Choir.


Library: Kim Bobert

I am happy to be joining the community at St.Dominic School as the school nurse! I hold a BS in Nursing from the University of Virginia and a MS in Nursing from the University of Minnesota.
While raising my children in Northfield,  I volunteered in many classrooms at Prairie Creek Community School, the  Northfield Public Schools, and Arcadia Charter School. During that time I also became a Costumer for school, community, and college theater productions. I have been blessed to be surrounded by the energy and creativity of so many children, adolescents and young adults! When not at school, my favorite place to be is outside – exploring nature trails, biking and kayaking. 

Nurse:  Sarah Bardenwerper

Maintenance:  Brian Ims  



In memory of Lisa Skluzacek~ She died October 17, 2016.

“I am the Fourth Grade teacher. I attended the College of St. Benedict where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, and a concentration in Science. I have been teaching Fourth Grade at St. Dominic School since 1996. Fourth Grade is an important year when the students make great academic and social strides. I love watching students at this level become more critical thinkers and independent in their learning. I am just as excited to start my twentieth year here as I was to begin my first. I am delighted to be starting the year with another group of students!”