The School Board of Specified Jurisdiction
Board of Specified Jurisdiction • Has official authority – governed by operating principles (O.P.) • Decision making body with a bias for action • More ownership, greater engagement • Policy making – formulate

The following committees serve as subcommittees and report to the Board:

The Alumni Committee (on hold)
Chair: TBD
The Alumni Committee encourages alumni, family, friends, and the overall Northfield community to support and become involved with the school.

The Athletic Committee  Athletic Committee description
Chairs:  TBD
The Athletic Committee promotes sports and raises monies to support the school’s sports programs.

The Saints Night Out (SNO) Committee  Saints Night Out Committee description
Chairs: TBD
Couples organize and host the Saint’s Night Out Silent/Live Auction.

The Family Fun Committee  Family Fun Committee description
Chair: Karen Lyons and Karen Grieger

The Marketing Committee  Marketing Committee description (on hold)
The Marketing Committee supports the school through creative marketing and development efforts.

The Parent/School Association Committee  PSA Committee description
Chair: Heidi Kram
All parents are members of this association.  They are responsible for organizing fund raisers, annual functions, and other events. The association promotes parental involvement for the betterment of the school.

The Technology Committee  Technology Committee description
Chair: TBD
Members develop and implement the St. Dominic School technology vision statement and technology plan.

The Endowment Committee   Endowment Committee description                                                   Chair:  TBD

Oversees, manages and administers the St Dominic School Endowment Fund, including the soliciting, collecting, investing and disbursing of the funds held by the Fund.

The Cash Raffle Committee  Cash Raffle Committee description                                                      Chairs:  Heidi Kram

In charge of implementing one of the schools largest fundraising events, typically done in conjunction with the Saints Night Out event hosted annually.